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Work Appropriate (and very cool) Hairstyles

I love to find new ways of wearing my hair for work. I have hair very similar to the woman in the photo above, and in fact this is one of my favorite ways of wearing it on the weekends! … very modern-Marie Antoinette …

I just found┬áthis wonderful little article on Real Simple┬áthat gives 5 fun ways of wearing your hair if you have very little time. As someone who loves to hit the “snooze” button on my phone alarm clock, I can attest that these are all very easy and carefree (yet funky) hairstyles.

My favorites are, of course, this pouf twist, the high bun (my almost daily go-to hairdo), and the side braid. Give your hair a chance to scream BRANDyou as loudly as your resume, closet, and desk space!

I appreciate clean graphics, rich colors, typography, complex pattern, gourmet meals, live-edge wood, unexpected images in art, dark undertones, airy chiffon, home libraries with ladders, floral centerpieces, bright pops of color, organized workspaces, checkerboard tile floors, a great bottle of wine under $15, appropriate leading and kerning, botanical sketches, up-lighting, and a clean desk.