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The Importance of White Space

What is White Space? In graphic design, white space is the portion of the page that is left unmarked - leaving it blank. The absence of copy, images, and design in a layout is equally as important as the content itself. This negative space gives the eye a chance to relax and the reader a second to take in the message that has been relayed. In advertisements you can see the powerful effect of white space, as portrayed below. The careful use of white space in this Harry Winston ad gives the page a classic, and elegant appearance. The animals, ring, and copy are all light, giving the page a breezy elegance and rich feel.

White space is equally important when designing a copy-heavy document, such as a resume. Too much text on the page will make your resume feel cluttered, and disorganized to the eye - even if everything on it makes perfect sense. The use of white space in a resume can be achieved by dividing the page into categories, and differentiating those categories even further by a change of font. Try wider margins, and 1.5 line spacing. If you are feeling adventurous, use the right have justification rather than left hand to give your resume a fresh look. See an example below of how you can achieve white space in a resume format. For more information on resume writing, and design visit my Resume Building page here!

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