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On Staying True to BRANDyou

My last minute decision to duck into Nordstrom Rack for a little retail therapy landed me a few valuable nuggets of wisdom. After picking through the racks on my first go around the store I entered the dressing room with over 15 items. Try as I might, I just couldn’t see myself wearing any of the styles I have picked out. The bright colors and patterns which are so popular this season were aplenty at Nordstrom Rack. However, the corals washed me out. The baby blues gave me the blues. And an adorable (on the hanger) white peplum top made me feel frumpy.

I left the fitting room feeling down about myself and my choices. I am famously so good at knowing what will look good on me! I can usually blindly choose outfits from my walk-in closet and make a cohesive outfit. What was wrong with me? This is when the light bulb went off in my mind and I knew what today’s post would read. The reason for my failure was because I was not taking my own advice!

I love silk jersey fabric, I love sleeves, I love black, I love bright color in moderation. Why, then, would I load my arms with satin, one shoulder tops, white cashmere, and multi-color Ikat print??

BRANDyou is all about getting to know your own personal brand, and about outwardly expressing what you inwardly feel to be your true identity. In order to ensure a perfectly built wardrobe, you have to depend on the styles you know and love, and not follow the trends of the season. Make the trends your own by adding touches of “in” color here and there, or by building a few outfits off of one trendy piece, rather than inundate yourself with trends.

  1. brand-you posted this

I appreciate clean graphics, rich colors, typography, complex pattern, gourmet meals, live-edge wood, unexpected images in art, dark undertones, airy chiffon, home libraries with ladders, floral centerpieces, bright pops of color, organized workspaces, checkerboard tile floors, a great bottle of wine under $15, appropriate leading and kerning, botanical sketches, up-lighting, and a clean desk.