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The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Engagement

Now, I am not about to turn this into a wedding blog but I do want to point out that I was very recently engaged to the man of my dreams! He knew exactly what I wanted for my engagement ring - Emerald cut on a platinum band. The emerald cut speaks to me of understated glamour and sophistication. It doesn’t blind you with sparkle, but when it catches the light, it glows with a perfect dose of brilliance. The thin band is also key to this ring design - simple, elegant, and timeless. Not too fussy. Not too plain. Very BRANDcatalina. 

I cannot wait to begin planning our perfect wedding. Talk about the ultimate co-branding opportunity! Now comes the ultimate test of styles and personalities coming together to create a magical night for both myself and my (now) fiancé.

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I appreciate clean graphics, rich colors, typography, complex pattern, gourmet meals, live-edge wood, unexpected images in art, dark undertones, airy chiffon, home libraries with ladders, floral centerpieces, bright pops of color, organized workspaces, checkerboard tile floors, a great bottle of wine under $15, appropriate leading and kerning, botanical sketches, up-lighting, and a clean desk.