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Maintaining BRANDyou During Times of Change

Wow - I have been really bad at this whole blogging thing recently. I guess it has to do with my life spinning around these days. Work is crazy busy until after next week when I can finally relax and summer can crash over me like a giant wave! I have been busy planning the Boston Conservatory’s Golf and Tennis Tournament which is actually being held tomorrow! I am using this time on Tumblr as a break in the very hectic day. It is sure to be a great day - even if it drizzles, as golfers are well known to be a hearty breed. Golfers love their beer on the course, but they sure do take the sport seriously!

Not only has work been busy, but my personal life has not been very quite either. We just moved into our new loft apartment, which I LOVE. We are almost unpacked, and after tonight when we set up our new TV we hope to be fully unpacked. the co-branding of our new apartment was actually a lot easier than I thought! I think my fiancé is starting to see my side of things and he is letting me basically decorate as I wish. Our cat, Marie Antoinette, is getting used to our new dog, Sierra. Marie has let her inner spoiled queen out these past few days and has been having fun tormenting Sierra’s tail. Last but not least, wedding planning is coming along nicely, but there is so much to do! Good thing I am an event planner - this is the ultimate event, and it only happens once in a lifetime!

Anyways, throughout it all, I have been sure to keep BRANDcatalina strong and well. Through all these changes I have changed a bit myself. For example, color has returned to my life in varying doses (I think it has to do with Spring, even though it’s been dreary in Boston these past few days). Also, I have been really excited lately about TOMS shoes, which the city gal in me before would have pooh-poohed big time. With all my train commuting from the new apartment these days I have dug deep into my collection of soft matte jersey and fell back in love with it… I think overall I have just mellowed out my style a bit, which is strange given the completely un-mellow life I have been leading recently! There is a great lesson to be learned in that - change is good, and the BRANDyou in all of us not only needs to know when and how to stay true to yourself, but also when to break from the mold and grow a new branch of your brand.

I appreciate clean graphics, rich colors, typography, complex pattern, gourmet meals, live-edge wood, unexpected images in art, dark undertones, airy chiffon, home libraries with ladders, floral centerpieces, bright pops of color, organized workspaces, checkerboard tile floors, a great bottle of wine under $15, appropriate leading and kerning, botanical sketches, up-lighting, and a clean desk.