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In Favor of French Cuffs

I would like to make a pitch for French cuffed shirts and cufflinks!

In a recent conversation with my job-hunting fiancé, I mentioned that he should step up his interviewing game and wear a French cuff shirt to an interview. This sparked a big conversation about industries and what is appropriate for which type of job. I agree, as I have stated before, that it is very important to present your image in the same tone and style as your career of choice.

I guess it might be my personal preference for a nice, crisp white shirt with clean cufflinks, but I think that this style can really add a bit of panache to your presentation and make you memorable. Because French cuffs are so rarely seen these days, and seen worn correctly for that matter, I would like to use this opportunity to pitch for French cuffs and their appeal.

Think James Bond, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, and Cary Grant – the classic, clean and polished look speaks to timeless elegance and refinement. This is not to say that every French cuff is made equal – there are some horrible shirts out there with and without the stately cuff. Two tone, checkered, and striped shirts are among the worst offenders in giving French Cuffs a bad name!

This is my formal and public announcement that I, Catalina Rojo, will be more likely to hire someone if they correctly wore and rocked an amazing French cuff shirt to an interview.

I appreciate clean graphics, rich colors, typography, complex pattern, gourmet meals, live-edge wood, unexpected images in art, dark undertones, airy chiffon, home libraries with ladders, floral centerpieces, bright pops of color, organized workspaces, checkerboard tile floors, a great bottle of wine under $15, appropriate leading and kerning, botanical sketches, up-lighting, and a clean desk.